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Wednesday, 17 December 2014

What I'm Looking Forward to at Christmas

Heyyyyyy everyone so today I thought I'd tell you about the things I'm looking forward to around Christmas time. In the next two weeks we will have the Christmas and New Year period that I look forward all year.
I would also just like to point out that because of the Christmas holidays and celebrations I will be very busy so will not be putting up my next post until 7th January. I know this seems like a long time away but it's only two or three weeks away and I'm sure everyone will be caught up in the festive celebration. Also just to clarify the next post will be beauty related definitely!!!!! Anyway lets get on with things.....

One of the things i love about the Christmas period are the scents, the Christmas tree, candles and the food. Every time I walk into our living room I smell the lovely scent of the Christmas tree; I don't know if I also love this because i associate it with the Christmas celebrations or just because I really love the smell. The Christmas candles always have a really strong and lovely smell; Yankee have a large range of Christmas scented candles such as baking cookies, i personally don't own one but have smelt many and some of them are absolutely lovely. On Christmas day the smell of Christmas dinner always puts me in a good mood as it smells amazing and makes me really hungry. This dinner is something we only have at Christmas so is quite special and has extra effort put into it.

This may sound a little strange but I really love opening presents. Not the fact that people are giving me things I just really enjoy opening the present and discovering what it is. I also really enjoy watching people open the presents that i have given them. The look on their face when they get something they really like (hopefully) is priceless! 

A few of the other things I love about Christmas cannot be explained and explain themselves really. Meeting up with family, decorating the Christmas tree and New Years!

I hope you enjoyed this post and I'm sorry about the rubbish internet pictures, I didn't have time to take any of my own. Also I'm sorry that it's a short post but it's been a busy week. See you in January!

Monday, 15 December 2014

Snow White the Pantomime- Photos

Heyyyy everyone so this past week I have been performing in Snow White as a Mini Miner aka 'Dwarf'. This is the reason I couldn't post on wednesday or yesterday. Hope you like the pictures I have taken and sorry if some seem a little repetative, (I didn't want to put anyone/young children on the internet).

Thanks for reading today, sorry about the short post but I will be back on wednesday with another post, byeeeeeeeeee

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Plaited Hair Styles

Heyyyy everybody so this week I'm going to give you two ideas for plaited hair styles. These are mainly for curly hair but would work just as well for straight hair. As I have very curly hair I based these ideas on my own hair, so didn't include basic plaits and french braids.
The first of my two styles is a plaited hairband, don't really know what to call it. To make the hairband you need to take a small piece of hair from behind your ear. Then plait this into a small, simple plait. Don't tie the end but you may wish to tie it until you need it later. Brush all you hair back over you head and then pull the hairband plait over your head. Remove the tie and secure in place with bobby pins. Arrange your hair how you like it. I like to bring the front pieces forward to cover the end of the plait and frame my face a little.

The second idea is a take on a fishtail plait. To create this look brush all your hair back over your head and pull round to the side. It took me a few attempts to get my hair the way I wanted it to be patient! Then fishtail the whole lot of your hair as you would normally. If you aren't sure how to do this then you may find this video help as its a little difficult to explain. Secure with a bobble at the end and pin the pieces at the back of your head in place if they are too short to stay in the plait. This style keeps all the hair out of your face which is very helpful when you've got a busy day!

I hope you enjoyed this style of post and I'm sorry it's a little short. I would also just like to tell you in advance that there will be no post next Wednesday as I am performing in my village panto. However I will post some pictures from it on the Sunday so you can all see what I've been up to. I hope this was helpful, leave a comment or tell me on twitter (@eleanabog) if you have tried either of these styles out. See you Sunday, byeeeeeeeeee