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Thursday, 29 January 2015

Spot Healing Tips

Heyyyyy everyone, appologys for the missing post last night. I couldn't access my computer to write it. Sorry! But here it is... So today I thought I'd talk about spot healing. A lot of people talk about all the nice makeup (including me!) But what isn't recognised that often are the spots that come behind the makeup. So lets get on with my spot healing methods.

The first thing is face washing. Use a daily wash to keep your skin clear or dirt, grime or makeup. The daily face wash I use is Clean and Clear exfoliating daily wash. It has little beads that pick up the dirt instead of just masking it onto your face. Once a week I like to use the Bioré warming anti-blackhead cleanser. I find that blackheads are the main cause of most of my spots, this is from dirt building up that doesn't come off with my daily face wash. This warming cleanser heats on up your face to remove the blackheads from your skin when washed off. I'm not really sure how much this does to my blackheads but it seems to bring them to the surface so they come out when washed with the daily face wash.

Continuing on the theme of blackheads I also like to use the Bioré pore strips. They are designed to pull out the blackheads on your nose. You wet your face, stick one over your nose, let it go hard, gently pull it off. The strip then pulls out the blackheads on your nose. It obviously doesn't pull out all of them but it does pull out a great deal. These are also available for the top of your T-zone on your forehead though I find I don't get as many blackheads there and stick to the nose strips.

The simplest method is just making sure that all your makeup is removed properly. Especially face products such as foundation as it clogs up your pores and blocks them, therefore blackheads are formed. I tend to use any makeup wipe that my mum picks up from the supermarket. I don't think it really matters which brand you use so long as it removes the makeup. Followed by a face wash they all do the same job.

Obviously it is impossible to avoid getting any spots. But these are just some ways to reduce getting them. You will end up with some so lets keep them at bay whilst we can shall we. Daily use for me tends to be Dr Spot by Soap and Glory. I find that it really brings the swelling down. However if you have quite dry skin on your face then this may not be ideal for you as it dry out the spot area (to remove the inside of the spot) and therefore bring the swelling down. It works well for most spots for me and lasts ages (mine is coming to the end of its life :( ). When I have a particularly bad spot that is very red, my tea tree oil night lotion works well. It seams to calm down the redness and heal the spot well. I don't use this daily as it is quite strong and isn't needed for little spots.

I hope you all enjoyed this different style of post today. I really enjoyed writing it actually and found it good to write about something that everyone deals with. Let me know your spot healing tips in the comments below or over on my twitter account @eleanabog. Thanks for reading and I'm sorry that this wasn't posted last night, but it's here now. Byeeeeee

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Favourite Scents

Heyyyy everyone, so today im going to do my favourite scents but I thought I would stick to perfumes as I can do another posts of body sprays if you like this one. I think all but one of these was mentioned on one of my recent posts which you can read here, but I will focus on the a little more today. 

So the first scent is Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream which I absolutely love and the smell is amazing. It is a flowery scent which reminds me of spring. I also really love the bottle as it is really pretty and different. I got this as a Christmas present, and I already want to try another Marc Jacobs scent as well!

My next favourite scent is Chloe Narcisse. Again this a flowery scent though I think it is a little more on the fruity side than the Marc Jacobs. Again I really love the fresh smell. I'd also like to tell you that again I really love the bottle (I think I have a bottle/box/packaging thing). Lined up on my cupboard it looks really nice.

My final favourite perfume scent is He Loves Me. I know that this isn't as high range as my other two because I got it for my birthday from my friend (she left the price on it). However I was surprised at the scent. I thought it would smell cheap or not very nice, But it is actually really summery and floral, and again reminds me of summer. This bottle isn't as nice as the other two but because it is plain white with yellow it still looks really pretty on my cupboard.

After writing this I have realised that my favourite scents go up in price the nicer they get. However I think that perfume is a personal preference thing so other may think differently to me. I hope you liked this style of post and let me know in the comments what your favourite perfume scents are and if you would like me to do a body spray version. I hope you all have a lovely week, see you next Wednesday, byeeeeeeee

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Daily Eye Makeup

Heyyyy everyone I'd just like to point out that I really appreciate the comments that some of you left on my last post. They mean a lot to me and thank you for letting me know what you think. Today's post is my daily eye makeup that I wear for school. (sorry about the rubbish pictures)

So for my daily eye makeup I haven't taken pictures of the makeup I use, oops sorry! But I will explain and leave links to the websites where you can view the items properly. So the first thing I do is put on my eyeshadow. I use the Avon True Colour Eyeshadow Duo in the colour combo Warm Cashmere. I use the darker shade to fill the lid and the paler shade to highlight my brow bones. The photos I have put on don't show this very clearly. If I have a little extra time in the morning or at the weekends I like to blend the dark shade with the pale shade to create a more shimmery look.

Next I use the Natural Collection Eyeliner (this doesn't happen to be on the boots website but I know it is still sold in stores). I do a simple eyeliner shape with nothing elaborate. I try to keep my line as line as possible to keep it looking natural. I then use a choice of mascaras including; Miss sporty 24 hour waterproof, collection waterproof mascara (this isn't on the website for some reason so I can't link it), and Avon super shock. I make my choice depending on how much time I have, The miss sporty one takes longer to apply than the others as it is starting to run out. 

I'm sorry that this post was so short and that the pictures weren't in great detail. I really struggled to take good pictures but if anyone has any tips on how to take good pictures of eye makeup they would be greatly appreciated (I use and iphone 4s). I also included a beautiful scenic picture from my skiing trip over Christmas.

Thanks for reading today and you can follow my twitter for more updates on when I will be posting and if for some reason I can't post, follow me on @eleanabog . Enjoy your week see you again next Wednesday, byeeeeeeeeeeee

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

What I Got for Christmas

Heyyyyy everyone I'm backkk!!!!! I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and New Year, I know I did. So today's post is all about Christmas (and my birthday). About a month before Christmas it is my birthday so I thought I would also share what I got for my birthday with you as well. so lets get on with things shall we......

 So one of the first things I got was a Ted Baker gift set for my birthday, the box includes a body butter, a body spray, a hand cream, and a body wash. In boots I had smelt the spray and said I loved the spray. Then a few weeks later I received this gift box from my friend. I haven't yet used any of the other products but I'm sure that they will be amazing!!

 My second gift is this nail collection including, 6 nail polishes, 3 different nail wraps, mini scissors, mini tweezers, a nail file and some jewels. I also haven't used much of this apart from one of the nail wraps. I'm not a great fan of nail wraps so these weren't one of my most favourite products, though I do love the patterns used on the box and nail wraps.

Also for my birthday I received this body shop collection of lip butters. They are really smooth and smell amazing. With 5 different scents there is a large range to choose from each day. Each is unique and the more pigmented butters do colour the lips a little.

I also got these two No7 lip butters that are pigmented and add more colour to the lips than the body shop ones. I love them and they are my go to lip butters.

Another gift I got was this He Loves Me perfume. It smells amazing and I love it's flowery smell. The scent doesn't last ages but this isn't a big feature in what a look for in a perfume, so this doesn't matter to me.

In between my birthday and Christmas I have had a problem and gone shopping. To be fair I did restrict myself to three items. The first two aren't very exciting in my eyes but I thought I would include them as they are beauty related. My old powder was running low so I bought this on (rimmel stay matte powder). I haven't yet used it as my old one is still on it's last legs and has a little remaining. The mascara (collection volumising waterproof mascara)I couldn't resist but try it out. I feel that it is more clumpy than my previous one though after a few coats it smooths out and has amazing coverage. Both of these products also weren't that expensive and can be purchased from most drug stores (I got mine from boots). 

The other item is this dress from new look and as I picked it up in the sales it was bargain. I got it for £12 and I think it was worth £24. It fits perfectly and hugs the body in all the right places. i quite like the length as it is different and unique to anything I have already.

Now onto the Christmas gifts. I got two sets of nail files so in total I have 9 new cardboard nail files. I haven't opened them yet as I still as some left from last year :/

Another two gifts were this Ted Baker nail varnish set and the colour couture nail collection. I don't want to repeat this on every item but I haven't yet opened/used this gift yet. I will specify if I have and tell you what I think of it. However I do love the colours included and can't wait to try them.

In this FatFace gift box there is a body polish, body spray, body wash and body cream. I lv ethe box and packaging. I also can't believe I haven't tried the spray yet!!! Though I'm sure it will be lovely.

One of my favourite presents was this perfume, Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream. I looove this scent and the bottle. It is so nice and I now use it every day as I love it so much. The bottle is so pretty that I think I may keep it even after the perfume has all gone!!

I also got this set of two Jack Wills nail polishes. I love the colours but don't yet know how well they will set and how smooth they will be.

Throughout Christmas and my birthday I got a range of lush products. They all smell amazing and i look forward to my next bath so I can try one out.

I don't know why this made me laugh but the sleeve this came in made my day. The bottle inside is Baylis and Harding bubble bath and it is a very large bottle so hopefully should go a long way. I hopefully will smell amazing as well though I don't want to open the seal until I'm ready to use it.

Not as beauty related but also beauty related is this Zoella makeup bag. I love it and the guinea pig on the front. the bag is surprisingly big inside which makes me very happy as I can't usually fit all of my makeup in one bag without squashing it all.

I also got two seventeen eye pallets. One small and one travel sized. They both have nude tones in and also colours the create a smoky eye look. The travel sized one also has instructions on how to create a smoky eye and natural eye look. I find this really helpful as I am not always confident in creating these looks and blending lots of colours.

The larger pallet is very similar to the travel sized one just with a larger range of colours and more tips on how to create the perfect look. It also includes a mirror that isn't of too small a size that is quite handy as most pallets have small mirrors that can't really be used.

Another selection of gifts I got was a selection of Avon products. A eyeshadow duo, a lipstick, a eyeliner and a mascara. All products are of good quality and are fairly pigmented. I am most surprised by the mascara that lasts all day without fading, I love it!

From a friend I received this Rimmel lip duo, a lipstainer on one end and a lipgloss on one end. The stainer is really pigmented so lasts ages and the lipgloss is really soft and moisturises the p really well.

My final gift isn't very beauty related but I couldn't help but share one of my favourite Christmas presents. Jimmi Jamms!!!! They are so comfy and I love the box they came in. I don't really know what to say but I just love them so much. 

Thank you for reading today and again I wish you a Happy New Year! I hope you enjoyed this style of post (despite the length) and let me know in the comments what your favourite Christmas presents were. Follow my twitter - @eleanabog for updates on my posts. Hope you all have a great week byeeeeeeeee