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Friday, 31 October 2014

Weekend Away Toiletry Bag

Heyyyy everyone so last weekend I went for a weekend away and wanted to tell you about the toiletry bag that I took with me. This doesn't include my make-up but if you want me to do a weekend away make-up bag then let me know in the comments or on my twitter @eleanabog . Hope you enjoy and that this helps you if you need any help when packing your toiletries for a weekend away. Now lets get on with things.....

So first up I obviously take my toothbrush and toothpaste to keep my teeth nice and clean. I don't use floss so don't take it but if you do then this is the step when you would pack it. I always have a few loose hair bobbles and hair slides just in case! I also take a handy spot cream, though this one isn't very good it's just one I had when I ran out of my good one. The one I really like is Soap and Glory's Dr Spot. The final thing in this section is a roll on deodorant from dove.

Next up is my hair things. Depending on when I last washed my hair and how long I am away for then it is the shower things. I take small bottles with shampoo, conditioner and shower gel. These are from a hotel that I went to on holiday. I though they were really handy and of course who isn't going to take free shampoo.

Next up is my face wash and soaps. The face wash is one that was in a tube and I put into this handy little tub. I can't remember what the face wash is but I only use it if I forget my normal face wash. The soap I take is another one from a hotel and again is only if there isn't one at the hotel (although that is very rare). 

Some extras I take are an expandable flannel, a small tub of after sun and a sachet of calpol. These are just some extras just in case I need them but they aren't essential.

This is the bag that I use. It is patterned on one side and clear on the other. It fits everything in perfectly and is waterproof on the outside so when it gets splashed in the bathroom nothing get wet.

I hope you liked this post and it helped you or just let you know what I take with me on  a weekend away. See you next time byeeeee

Halloween Nails

Heyyyyy everyone so a few days before Halloween I wanted to paint my nails. There was no better opportunity to give my manicure a theme. 

On one hand I chose to do a spider's web, a mummy's wrapping, Frankenstein, a pumpkin and a skull.This is my favourite hand and I prefer it to the other hand. I used so many polishes to achieve this look I can't remember their names!

On the other hand I chose to do a ghost, dripping blood, a graveyard, a cat and a spider. I prefer the other hand to this as it isn't as neat. I still like this hand as it has lots of detail on it.

A little extra for you is a picture of my pumpkin. Well squash as there were no pumpkins left. 

Thank you for reading and I hope you liked this little post for Halloween. Follow my twitter @eleanabog and share this blog. Byeeeeeeee

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Sorry again :/

Heyyyy everyone I'm so sorry I've been doing this a lot but because it is half term I have been really busy lately and will be tomorrow aswell. I will upload on Monday and from them it should be back to normal as I go back to school on Monday. Sorry again but hopefully you understand this. Sorry and byeeeeeee

Monday, 27 October 2014

Safari adventures

Heyyyyy everyone so this post is only going to be a short one as I have been away all weekend in Bath. So whilst I was there we went to Longleat safari and adventure park. It was really good and we got to see loads of amazing animals.

One of my favourite parts was when we went into a massive bird cage and get to feet the birds nectar from a little part. This was amazing as the birds landed on you when the smelled the sweetness. Some people got them landing on their heads!

Another was when we walked with the penguins and they came up to you and walked around your legs. I've never done anything like this so it was a completely new experience for me.

Along with the usual safari and zoo animals there was a butterfly house and some smaller animals such a meerkats. It was a really good day out and I recommend it to anyone who loves animals and wants a fun day out. ( I haven't been sponsored by them)

I hope you liked this blog and I promise that I will update with pictures as I am now typing on my phone and for some reason it doesn't like uploading photos. But I promise when I upload Wednesdays blog I will update this one with the pictures I have. Thanks for reading and byeeeeeee

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Night Time Routine

Heyyyy everyone I'm really trying to get back into that routine of posting on time. So without further ado here is my night time routine.....

So first up I pack my bag for school for the next day. I like to do this the night before so I don't forget anything in to morning. The bag I use is the one shown and it is from new look. It was £19.99 so not badly priced really. 

 Next I get changed into my pyjamas so that I am comfy when finishing getting ready. 

Then I tie up my hair because it gets really knotted if I sleep with it down. I use a scrunchy tie it up as it is softer on my hair at night. 

I then like to tidy up a little and put away the clothes/uniform I have been wearing that day. I also move all the thinks from my desk so that it is tidy for the next day.

Next up is cleaning my face. I use the 'Garnier' simply essentials face wipes. I'm not really sure that I like these wipes they have some patches which are really good but then others that are a little dry, and that's before you have used them. I have previously used 'No7' and 'Johnson and Johnson' and preferred them to these. 'Garnier' are okay but I have preferred others.

 Next up is teeth which is pretty self explanatory.

Then I use the 'Biore warming anti-blackhead cleanser' to clean my face. It takes off the last bits of make-up that don't come off with my make-up wipes.

On all of my spots and blemishes I apply the 'Soap and Glory' Dr spot, spot cream. I think this is really good as it reduces the redness of all my spots overnight and is quick acting so heals the spot very quickly.

Over the top of my sensitive areas, such as my forehead and chin, I use the 'Tea Tree Oil' blemish fade night lotion as it adds extra help to prevent  me getting spots.

Finally its lights out and night night!

Thanks for reading and please comment on what type of posts you would like to see in the future. Thanks and byeeeeeee

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Quick Fruity Slushies

Heyyyy everyone so sorry that this is late! I changed my posting days to Monday and Wednesday, and then yesterday I went trampolining so didn't have time to write a post. But anyway lets get on with the cooking......
Okay lets be honest this isn't really cooking!

So first off you need to get all your ingredients. I was making these with two other friends so have a larger range of flavours than you will need. I have a range of juices, ice and ice cream. The equipment you will need is: blender, rolling pin, spoon, glass and straw (optional).

1. Place your ice on a surface that isn't breakable and you are allowed to get wet. 

 2. Gently hit the ice to break up the large chunks. Depending on how good your blender is you may need to break up some of the slightly smaller chunks with the rolling pin.

3. Place about 2 handfuls of ice in you blender for one serving. Make sure you make enough for the amount of people.

4. Blend until powdery and soft. Try to not blend too much as when you add the rest of the ingredients you will blend some more.

5. Add juice to taste. I used blackcurrant and apple cordial. This is the point when you can add your ice cream. Roughly 2 scoops of your preferred flavour. I used vanilla.

6. Blend until the flavours are completely incorporated and your have a smooth consistency with no chunks of ice. 

 7. Put your slush into the glass and enjoy! :)

Thanks for reading guys. Again I'm so sorry that this post is late and you will be happy to know I have already written tomorrows post so I only have to share it with you wonderful people. Thanks again and byeeeeeeee

Monday, 20 October 2014

Apologies again

Heyyy everyone I'm so sorry but I haven't had chance to write up another post as I'm going trampolining!! Will definatly post tomorrow to make up for it. Again in so sorry but I will try and get better at this, sorryyyyy!!!

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Quick change

Heyyyy everyone I would just like to tell you that I am going to slightly change the days I post on. I am going to keep wednesday as it is but change Sunday to Monday night as it is easier for me to upload them. I hope I haven't caused too much trouble, see you tomorrow, byeeeee

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

3 Quick and Easy Hair Styles

Heyyyy everyone here are 3 quick and easy hair styles that are great for school or everyday.

First up is a high bun. I really like this hairstyle when my hair is a little messy and not really nice enough to wear down. It is really simple to do and is a stylish alternative to having your hair down.

 The next hairstyle is a simple pony tail. I like to do my pony tails high on my head to that you can see some of my hair. I like to wear this one to school as it keeps all the hair out of my face when i'm working. I also think its great for sports activities and as I do lots of netball this pony tail comes in handy a lot.

My favourite hairstyle of the 3 is a half up half down pony tail. I really love the way that I can feel as though my hair is down yet still have my hair out of my face. I love the way this looks and think that it makes the normal hair down style a little more interesting.

Apologies for the short post but I'm in a bit of a rush to get this to you as I'm revising for an upcoming exam. I hope you like this style of post, leave a comment and let me know what you think. Thanks see you sunday with a bigger post, byeeeeeeee!

Monday, 13 October 2014

Get to know me tag

Heyyyyy everyone so sorry that I didn't post yesterday but I was out with a friend shopping all day (possibly a haul post coming soon) but here it is and in sorry it's only a short one but here we go, this is my get to know me tag.

1. Are you named after anyone? I don’t think so, I think i got my name because my mum and dad liked it!
2. When was the last time you cried? I don’t normally cry  that much but I think it' was probably the other week when I got frustrated and just couldn't keep myself together ( ahahahah that makes me sound really wierd! )
3. Do you have kids? No.
4. If you were another person, would you be a friend of yourself?  Probably a friend but don't really know why I guess it would be interesting :) 
5. Do you use sarcasm a lot? Uh… not really I thought that would but after thinking about I don't actually Ahahah surprise :)
6. Will you ever bungee-jump? I don’t think so but I guess it would be fun if I got the chance 
7. What’s your favorite cereal? I don't really have cereal but I guess I like frosties
8. What’s the first thing you notice about people? Eyebrows are something I love but I don't really have that nicer eyebrows so it might just be a jealousy thing
9. What is your eye colour? Hazel 
10. Scary movie or happy endings? I'm a sucker for scary movies and always get scared and wish id never watched them  so happy ending all the way! :)
11. Favorite smells? Freshly cut grass, petrol, the lush shop
12. Summer or winter? Summer it's so nice and light and there's less school!!! I also prefer shopping for summer clothes and going  to the beach
13. Computer or television? Tv I only ever use the computer for homework or writing blog posts
14. What’s the furthest you’ve ever been from home? America, I went on holiday there with my family in 2011 and it was amazing (Disney places btw)
15. Do you have any special talents? I play piano, do ballet and love drama don't know if they are very special though! 
16. Where were you born? Boddlywyddenn (dot know if that's how you spell it) but north wales 
17. What are your hobbies? Drama, singing, music, ballet and I quite like some sports oh and I play netball
18. Do you have any pets? Yes I little guinea pig called Jasper
19. Favorite movie? Don't really have a favourite movie there are so many I like and so many I don't like but u do live the fault in our stars and if I stay
20. Do you have any siblings? Yes… One younger sister
21. What do you want to be when you grow up? Successful! That includes both my professional and personal lives. But in terms of job I have no clue! :)
I think that’s the end of it!
I tag anyone who hasn’t done this and who wants to do it :)

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Favourite Autumn Outfits

Heyyy everyone I've been thinking of lots of ideas for posts so I have no excuse for not posting now! I've decided that I'm going to post on Sundays and Wednesdays so lets get on with things......

Burgundy Skirt- H&M
White Basics Top- Next
Black Trousers- Next
Cream Knitted Jumper- New Look
Brown/Patterned Knitted Jumper- Next
Cream Top- New Look

I recently went shopping for some autumn clothes with a friend and it gave me inspiration to share my favourite autumn outfits with you. The burgundy skirt is my most recent purchase and although it is a little big I really like the fabric used as it is thick and feels nice and wintry.

The black trousers are like a think pair of leggings and are super comfy! They are also nice and thick so nice and warm for cold autumn days.

The cream knitted jumper is short sleeved so perfect for the change between the warmer summer days and cold winter. It is quite thin so not great for a windy day outside but a lot warmer than just a t-shirt.

I got the brown knitted jumper quite a while back now so I think this will be my last year with this jumper. I really like the thickness although it is short sleeved so also not great for outside. Despite this I wear it quite a lot throughout the autumn season.

Finally we come to the cream top. I love the back of this top as it has a lace effect back and hole in the back. The front is so simple yet the back is more complicated which I really like at the moment.

I hope you like this style of blog, please let me know in the comments and let your friends know!

My friend has a blog and would really appreciate it if you looked at her blog. Just click here to view it and comment on one of her posts to let her know I sent you

Love you guys byeeeeeee  

Friday, 3 October 2014

Top Drugstore Products; Lips

Heyy everyone I'm so sorry that I missed last week, everything got messed up and my schedule didn't work. I'm going to try and upload every week but if it doesn't work I may have to change to every 2 weeks. Anyway lets get on with today's blog post; top drugstore products- lips.

The first product I would like to share with you is 'Collection Work the Colour Lip Butters' in the colour 2 cappuccino. I love the way that this is soft and really moisturises your lips, It has a really nice colour, and I'm not going to lie to you, but I don't think that it suits me as well as I thought it would. Still I cant wait to buy another in a different colour!

The next product I am going to share with you is a lipstick rather than a butter. It is from Miss Sporty and is called 'Miss Sporty Perfect Colour Lipstick'. I have it in the colour candy which is a really bright pink. It is really pigmented and has a really soft texture that feels really nice and soft on your lips. The colour also lasts a really long time. I recently stubbed the end of this on the inside of the lid :( which makes me really sad. So the picture shows a slightly square end.

The final products I would like to share with you are 2 No7 products in 2 different colours. They are called No7 'Moisture Drench Lipstick'. I have them in the colours romantic and plum beautiful. Romantic is a nude colour that has a slight tint of pink in it. I love the way the colours are extremely pigmented and last for ages. They also feel amazing on your lips. Plum beautiful is a darker deep colour that is perfect for autumn, Its a purple, red and just suits the current season. It is a much bolder colour and you have to be quite brave to wear it for everyday use. That's why I don't wear this everyday and just in the evening sometimes.

'Plum Beautiful'

I hope you enjoyed this post and i would really appreciate it if you let me know what type of posts you would like to see in the future. This is the last post in my top drugstore products series so im not entirely sure what the next post will be. I will try to get my next post up next week. Thanks for reading and don't forget to comment below on what future posts you want to see. Byeeeeeeeee