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Wednesday, 11 February 2015

January Favourites

Heyyy everyone I know that its quite late into February now but I really wanted to do a favourites. I found this favourites quite hard to do and I don't know why. So back to January...

So the first thing is food related. It is the White chocolate raspberry jam from Hotel Chocolat. I has both the sweet and sour tastes from both ingredients. I like to use it in my porridge as it adds a little more flavour and it's a change.

The second thing is DIY accounts on instagram. I am always looking for life hacks and interesting things to do. They always have things to interest everyone, some beauty and some lifestyle. I don't know why iv'e been loving them I just have been! (let me know if you want me to do a post with some of these that I use)

Onto beauty now and one of my favourite products is the Rimmel London Stay Matte pressed powder. It is lighter than my previous powder so I feel like it has brightened up my face. It goes son smoothly and it doesn't go patchy throughout the day. I feel like it is going to last a long time as I have only just started using it.

Next up is nail polish. I got these two for christmas from one of my friends and have recently tried them out. I prefer the pink to the blue as I feel it shines more than the blue. It goes on your nails really smoothly and the colour is great!

I have also recently been loving to do my lips in a 'cupids bow'. I think it looks really professional and finishes up the look. The lip liner I have at the moment is from my mum and it matches the colour of my favourite lipstick perfectly! The pigmentation is amazing and it lasts for at least the whole school day. 

My final favourite is the shop H&M. I find that the quality is really good yet affordable. I have at least three skirts and two tops from there. I actually love it! Especially because I am still in school and paying for my clothes with my allowance or money I get for my birthday this is a great shop for me to buy good quality clothes but not be skint.

Thanks for reading todays post and I hope you really enjoyed it. Let me know either in the comments or over on my twitter @eleanabog what you think or what posts you would like to see in the future. Thanks again byeeeeee

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