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Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Heyyy everyone so this post is a little bit different to usual so I would really appreciate any feedback you have and if you would like this style of post again. A friend of mine requested a room tour but I thought that it would be difficult to do on a blog post so I thought id give you all some decorating ideas that I use in my own bedroom.

The first thing that I like in my room is a bedside lamp. The picture doesn't show the lamps very clearly but they are white with a sliver stand and pull chord. Especially if you have a double bed I think it makes the room neat as it is symmetrical. They are great for reading or when you don't what the ceiling light on. I think these were from Ikea and are great value as they are really bright.

The second thing is a bag rack/hooks. These are also really handy as they hold as many bags as you want. As I have a pillar in my room this is a great thing for me to put on the back of the pillar. Though it can work just as well on a wall or on the back of your door.

I think this is one of my favourite ideas and it can be for anyone to use. A magnetic notice board is very handy as you can put any paper under the magnets. It comes with three heart magnets and I love to have a piece of paper that I can write blog post ideas on.

My next decor idea is probably my other favourite out of the lot. It is these 'floating' shelves from Ikea. I think they look really sleek and neat as they appear to be floating. I have put a lot of things on my shelves so they don't look as nice as some peoples, though I do still love them.

Related to the shelves is the hearts I have hung below it. I have only recently put these on and I love them! They are metal with rope strings, on them they have pictures of butterflies and flowers which makes them feminine and this is why I love them even more.

The final idea is a little specialist to my room because of the pillar I have. However a large mirror is a must for me. I use this one to do my hair in as I have a smaller dressing table one for my makeup.

I hope you liked this style of post and let me know either in the comments or over on my twitter (@eleanabog) if you would like me to do another post like this. I have realised after reading this through that it was a little short but remember a picture is worth 1000 words! Let me know what great decor ideas you have in your room and I hope you all have a lovely week, byeeeee


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    1. I love your blog!! I've nominated you for the liebster award. All the information you need is over on my post :) make sure to come over and leave a comment telling me that you have done it, so that I can check Your post out xx


  2. Aww love this post :)