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Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Mother's Day

Heyyyy everyone so today is only a short post because I am performing in my school play this week. So you may or may not know that mother's day is coming up, its the 9th of March I think. I thought I'd give you some ideas and tell you what I'm doing to make it a special day for your mum or any other special women in your life.

The first idea is breakfast in bed. We always give my mum breakfast in bed so she doesn't have to give up and work in the morning. I think it's a really nice thing to do as it is different and I'm sure it will be greatly appreciated.

The next is something that I have only done this year. But what mum doesn't like home-made gifts from her children (aswell as some bought ones of corse). So we painted some pottery for her. We did this with glass paints and created our own designs. This is the plate I did with cupcakes on it.

The other thing I did was the glass jar that I painted with some patterns. I plan to put some flowers or water and glass stones in it to make it seem a little different. 

The final thing is just to make sure that your special woman has a special day. Pamper her and help her to make the day a little different to usual.

Thanks everyone for reading today. I apologise that the post was a little short and I've realised that my pictures weren't great today. Thanks anyway and I hope you all have a lovely mother's day or treat someone so they can. See you next week, byeeeeee