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Thursday, 29 January 2015

Spot Healing Tips

Heyyyyy everyone, appologys for the missing post last night. I couldn't access my computer to write it. Sorry! But here it is... So today I thought I'd talk about spot healing. A lot of people talk about all the nice makeup (including me!) But what isn't recognised that often are the spots that come behind the makeup. So lets get on with my spot healing methods.

The first thing is face washing. Use a daily wash to keep your skin clear or dirt, grime or makeup. The daily face wash I use is Clean and Clear exfoliating daily wash. It has little beads that pick up the dirt instead of just masking it onto your face. Once a week I like to use the Bioré warming anti-blackhead cleanser. I find that blackheads are the main cause of most of my spots, this is from dirt building up that doesn't come off with my daily face wash. This warming cleanser heats on up your face to remove the blackheads from your skin when washed off. I'm not really sure how much this does to my blackheads but it seems to bring them to the surface so they come out when washed with the daily face wash.

Continuing on the theme of blackheads I also like to use the Bioré pore strips. They are designed to pull out the blackheads on your nose. You wet your face, stick one over your nose, let it go hard, gently pull it off. The strip then pulls out the blackheads on your nose. It obviously doesn't pull out all of them but it does pull out a great deal. These are also available for the top of your T-zone on your forehead though I find I don't get as many blackheads there and stick to the nose strips.

The simplest method is just making sure that all your makeup is removed properly. Especially face products such as foundation as it clogs up your pores and blocks them, therefore blackheads are formed. I tend to use any makeup wipe that my mum picks up from the supermarket. I don't think it really matters which brand you use so long as it removes the makeup. Followed by a face wash they all do the same job.

Obviously it is impossible to avoid getting any spots. But these are just some ways to reduce getting them. You will end up with some so lets keep them at bay whilst we can shall we. Daily use for me tends to be Dr Spot by Soap and Glory. I find that it really brings the swelling down. However if you have quite dry skin on your face then this may not be ideal for you as it dry out the spot area (to remove the inside of the spot) and therefore bring the swelling down. It works well for most spots for me and lasts ages (mine is coming to the end of its life :( ). When I have a particularly bad spot that is very red, my tea tree oil night lotion works well. It seams to calm down the redness and heal the spot well. I don't use this daily as it is quite strong and isn't needed for little spots.

I hope you all enjoyed this different style of post today. I really enjoyed writing it actually and found it good to write about something that everyone deals with. Let me know your spot healing tips in the comments below or over on my twitter account @eleanabog. Thanks for reading and I'm sorry that this wasn't posted last night, but it's here now. Byeeeeee

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